Berywn, Pennsylvania – Demanding shrink applications require tube processing equipment that offers optimal heating temperatures, as well as power and control functions to protect splices in harsh environments. To meet this need, connectivity and sensor company TE Connectivity (TE) has its X-series shrink devices. From the compact machine RBK X1 to the strip heaters XB 17 and XB 19, these machines offer robust and reliable solutions for a wide range of applications and pipe processing requirements.

Mike Tam, Product Manager at TE Connectivity, said, “TE’s new X-Series of Shrink Processing Machines offers expanded tubing capacity, superior process control, the highest levels of accuracy and flexible designs to meet the needs of our customers in a wide variety of industries.”

The X-Series Shrink Processing Equipment portfolio includes:

• RBK X1 processor: A semi-automatic unit that was specially developed for sealing wire bundles, splice cable lugs and ring cable lugs with a hose diameter of up to 19 mm and lengths of up to 60 mm. The RBK X1 has durable heating elements, operator key lock / password protection levels and individual selection options for installation times, temperature and product size information.

• RBK X1C Shrink Processor: Includes an automatic centering device that helps maintain accurate wire and tubing placement. Programmable splice sensors electronically check that the wires are precisely positioned in order to start the centering process. After the wire placement is validated, the system activates automatic guide arms to properly position the tubing product for the shrink cycle to begin.

• Band heaters XB 17, XB 19: With slim profile design for a simple production layout. The XB 17 model can process pipe diameters of up to 19 mm with a maximum length of 90 mm. The XB 19 model can process hose diameters of up to 25 mm with lengths of up to 100 mm (160 mm for the wide format model). The heaters have a built-in multilingual touch screen interface with a programmable logic system that can adjust the belt speed and temperature settings, and allows the user to create hundreds of unique profiles. The tape automatically reverses direction to prevent wires from entering the heating chamber before the desired temperature is reached, and connector ports support various functions such as barcode scanners, automatic temperature calibration and remote access to an upstream welder. To improve accuracy, the band heaters of the models XB 17 and XB 19 can be equipped with an easy-to-install automatic centering device (PN 2375330-1). XB 19 belt heaters offer additional functions such as heating elements with higher wattage and operating temperature, which allow larger hose diameters and lengths and offer an adjustable belt gap. Customers can choose between product holders for ring cable lugs / stub lines, a machine stand with wheels for easy re-layout and customer-specific MES.