A verbal dispute on vacant property in Trenton resulted in the arrest of a municipal plumbing department worker after police officers found over 100 power tools on site.

Paul Bethea, 61, is accused of receiving stolen property after police found two of the items, snow blowers, were stolen from another city property last year, police said in a statement.

Police are currently investigating the origins of the other 168 items, mostly landscaping tools. Bethea had apparently stored them at the location on the 600 block off Prospect Street for the past six months.

Due to a dispute between Bethea and the unidentified owner, officers were called to the property around 2 p.m. on Friday. The owner told officials he had Bethea items stored on the property but was concerned that some items had been stolen.

Bethea, a sanitary worker, was arrested at the scene. He currently makes $ 52,120 a year, according to city and state records.

Anyone with information about the location or the items found can call the Trenton Police Department’s anonymous phone number at 609-989-3784.

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