Photo credit: TikTok

TikTok wants to add music licensing experts to its legal team.

TikTok is looking for a junior transactional attorney who specializes in licensing music for digital platforms. The company aims to improve its music license libraries that are available to its users through licensing agreements.

“You will draft and negotiate a variety of music rights licensing agreements, including flat-rate / catalog agreements with record labels, aggregators, music publishers and collecting societies in the US and Latin America.” job description reads on LinkedIn.

“You will work cross-functionally with sales, branding, music content, user growth and other teams to resolve rights for music-related marketing, promotion and music performance streaming event initiatives on TikTok, including sync rights for sound recordings and music compositions.” Another point is.

TikTok is seeking an attorney to provide expertise and strategic advice on the company’s music operations, products, and other teams related to the myriad uses of music on TikTok. This includes music licenses for user-generated content and “safe haven” impact under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Professional qualifications for the position include knowledge of the digital music legal landscape in the United States and Latin America. This includes safe haven liability exemptions for UGC platforms. At least three years of negotiation experience Music licensing agreements for digital service providers, media or technology companies.

Other qualifications are fluent in English and ideally Spanish or Portuguese. Potential applicants must be willing to meet at home outside of the time zone and have a California or New York bar association (which is where TikTok’s offices are located).

It’s an interesting look at how TikTok is planning to reinforce its music licensing team for future battles.

TikTok’s presence in the music industry continues to grow despite the threat of the ban last year. It has shaped new trends in the industry more than any other available social media network. So many trends have emerged from TikTok that a “TikTok effect” is associated with the virality of the platform.

TikTok wants a legal team that can provide the necessary guidance for its intricate network of music licensing agreements. If you want to apply for a position, you can continue to do so TikTok’s website with the job advertisement. There is also a broader list of requirements that are not covered here.

TikTok has global offices in Los Angeles, Mountain View, Toronto, New York, Sao Paolo, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo.