With smart home technology, you can have a house packed to the rafters. But unless you have a high quality router ready to handle the burden of a modern household, all of these tech toys are … just that. Toys.

Obviously, spotty WiFi is not acceptable these days which is why a top notch device like this is used Xiaomi 4 antenna WiFi router can go a long way in resolving frustrating coverage problems and keeping the peace in your household.

Unlike smaller devices, the Xiaomi plays with four external antennas that allow signals to be transmitted throughout your home with greater strength and less resistance. All of this is fed by a dual band design that uses 2.4 GHz connections for better performance through walls, while the 5 GHz band offers faster speeds.

Together, they provide a more reliable Wi-Fi signal for a wireless speed of up to 1167 Mbps, which is perfect for all the most demanding network activities like streaming HD videos or playing online games. There is even a built-in intelligent error correction algorithm that amplifies weak signals for a more stable and efficient transmission in your home.

The Xiaomi has an integrated 64 MB RAM memory that is eight times the size of standard routers in order to achieve even higher performance. If you ever worry about having too many Wi-Fi enabled devices connected to your router, this expanded RAM will allow you to keep up to 64 devices connected to this router at the same time while all devices still have full WiFi speed.

Speaking of connections, this router also includes a whole fleet of manual controls via the app that give users premium control over their home network and all of the devices connected to it. Through the app, users can ensure that unauthorized devices never spong their WiFi, or use parental controls to ensure that a family’s screen time rules are strictly followed.

The Xiaomi 4-Antenna WiFi Router is at the heart of the tech web of every home and regularly costs $ 59. Right now, however, buyers can save almost $ 5 Get it now for just $ 54.95.

Subject to price changes.