With the advent of email, the Internet, and text messaging, the need for amateur radio communications has definitely diminished. But there is still a small but dedicated group of enthusiasts who love to communicate using amateur radio, also known as “amateur radio”. Most amateur radio broadcasters are at least the size of a lunch box and in some cases the size of a desktop computer. However, this amateur radio transmitter is small enough to carry in your pocket.

At just 1 “x 1” x 0.75 “the KeychainQRP does not transmit your voice or music, but can send Morse code signals using high-frequency radio waves with low power consumption if you tap the button above. Assuming your message recipient has access to a compatible multiband shortwave radio, they can listen to your broadcasts when they’re close enough. The tiny transmitter is available in seven different amateur radio bands and can generate a 160 milliwatt signal from a single 9 volt battery. You have to attach an external one SMA antenna when you want your signal to go somewhere and need one too Amateur radio license if you want to use one legally.

You can find all of the different frequency models of the KeychainQRP Morse Code transmitter for $ 51.99 each on the QuirkyQRP amateur radio shop.