City stands in the way. Frey decides to take the case to court.

The dispute between the free and the community. The operator wants to install the 5G antenna in La Plaine-sur-mer, in Loire-Atlantique, more precisely in the Basse-Treille sector. Undoubtedly the church. Mayor Severin Marchand raises an institution that violates the Coastal Code and prohibits any urbanization outside of already existing communities and villages. Therefore, on March 8th, the categorical rejection of this project was pronounced.

Go to court

Free assessments on your part that really work in this “low dimension” area and are “inconceivable” to be transferred to the village of La Plaine-sur-Mer. Determined to install its own 5G antenna, the carrier is finally going on the offensive. The operator of Xavier Niel already turned to the Administrative Court of Nantes on June 9, 2021 to suspend the refusal. The operator also recently won the case in the same court, in a different case against the municipality of Pornic.

To reinforce the inconsistency with the Coastal Code, community attorney Isabel Leon stressed the fact that the antenna would be “more than a kilometer from the city center” and more than 200 meters from the first construction. And to add: “At least we are in a spacious residential area”. The operator’s lawyer is self-confident and believes she did it with “strong arguments”. The summary judge intends to declare a “long stay” to await the Council of State’s opinion on the matter.