Studio 100 Media and Mediatoon Licensing have entered into a new partnership.

The licensing team of Studio 100 Media will take over some IPs from the Mediatoon portfolio in the next few years.

The contract covers the German-speaking areas and all licensing activities in the Benelux countries (via the Studio 100 Benelux licensing team), Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries.

Several television series such as “Bobby & Bill;” “Little Furry;” “Martin morning;” “Ernest & Rebecca;” “The fox and the badger family” (except GSA); and “Marsupilami”.

Studio 100 Media’s international licensing team will also promote the licensing of Mediatoon classics such as “Lucky Luke” and “Yakari” in the Benelux, Poland and the Nordic countries in order to expand its international presence.

“We are proud to start a new collaboration with Studio 100 Benelux and Studio

100 Media, our new licensing agents in GSA, Northern and Eastern Europe, “says Jérôme Leclercq, General Manager of Mediatoon Licensing.” Mediatoon Licensing’s portfolio fits perfectly with the Studio 100 catalog. Studio 100’s professionalism and licensing strategy convinced us to choose you as a partner for the development of our properties in these areas. “