The Marijuana Regulatory Agency has recalled that as of March 1, individuals applying for a state license to operate a recreational marijuana business will no longer be required to have an active medical marijuana license.

The MRA’s easing of restrictions applies to the licensing of marijuana retailers, processors, Class B and C producers, and safe transportation companies in Michigan.

“Starting Monday, entry into the adult marijuana market will be more accessible for all Michigandans by removing the requirement to be licensed in the medical side of the industry,” said Andrew Brisbo, MRA managing director, in a press release.

The MRA gave one Advice bulletin from last November about changing the application process for a state license under the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act. Application information, instructions, and other educational resources for licensing marijuana businesses for recreational or adult use will be updated on the MRA website on March 1, the press release said, and brief business interruptions may occur at this time. Previous versions of applications will not be accepted.

Interested parties are asked to submit applications via the online application portal Accela Citizen Access. ACA will also be updated to reflect this change in eligibility and to reflect the changes to the paper applications. While the MRA accepts paper applications, applicants are strongly encouraged to use the online application, which is specifically designed to ensure efficient receipt of all required applicant information, the press release says.

Questions can be emailed to the Marijuana Regulatory Agency at [email protected]. For more information on the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, see