LAHORE: A biochemistry professor and colleagues allegedly “ransacked” Mayo Hospital’s Paeds Lab and stole equipment, official institution documents, and student research files.

The intruders spent an hour in the lab, grabbing the keys from the staff and disappearing with the items after locking the center, causing great unrest. The uncomfortable incident not only embarrassed the institute, but also caused unrest in the teaching hospital.

A committee of inquiry formed for this purpose held Prof. Nakshab Chaudhry and his colleagues responsible for the unfavorable incident and sent a report to the secretary of the Department of Specialized Health Care and Medical Education for action.

Independently of this, the laboratory manager, Associate Prof. Dr. Mahmood Saba and a staff member, Zeeshan Tufail, filed a case against Prof. Nakshab and his colleagues with the Gowalmandi Police Department. Both applicants alleged that they had taken equipment, sensitive documents, files and records from the laboratory with them.

A copy of the investigation report and the applications filed with the police are available from Dawn.

The investigation was conducted by Mayo Hospital Additional Medical Superintendent (AMS), Dr. Khalid Awan, and the Deputy Medical Superintendent (DMS), Dr. Waqas Ahmad. Investigators said in a report that they investigated the incident in the presence of police officers to further prevent such harassment. You said Dr. Mahmood Saba and the assistant Prof. Dr. Nauman Mazhar would have accompanied the investigation team.

The report provided details of the incident, stating that it occurred on February 8, when Prof. Nakshab and his colleagues unlocked the laboratory doors, entered various areas and took away the facility’s assets.

“We unlocked the doors with a cutter and entered the laboratory where equipment, researchers’ files, documents and many other missing items were found,” the report says.

In room no. 1 of the laboratory USB and the official and sensitive documents were missing in the racks and in room no. 2 compound microscopes.

The report also contained worrying information stating that one of the two fridge / freezers that contained the chemicals, reagent kits, and required cold chain environment (-20 ° C) was turned off and the stabilizer attached was also turned off, a potential risk Sensitive materials such as reagents, kits, etc. causing high value waste

The investigation team visited Room 5, which was missing fluorescent microscopes, a burner, a desktop (CPU, LCD, keyboard), UPS and portable hard drive.

“Similarly, many important official files from the laboratory’s side cabinet were found missing,” the report said.

Accordingly, Dr. Nauman Mazhar, who was present near the facility, went downstairs and saw some outsiders transferring the equipment from the laboratory, and Prof. Nakshab accompanied them.

“Dr. Nauman immediately contacted Dr. Mahmood and brought the matter to his attention,” the investigation report said.

“Prof. Dr. Nakshab and his staff entered the laboratory of the Paeds Department of Mayo Hospital without the permission of the hospital administration,” the report concluded, noting that the facility could suffer irreparable losses in the form of wasted sensitive materials and equipment.

Posted in Dawn on February 21, 2021