TRENTON, NJ – The New Jersey State Senate unanimously approved a bill on Friday that would ban the licensing of health workers convicted of a sex offense.

The bill would also reform the state’s chiropractors committee after that a registered sex offender who was paroled in Florida has had his license restored from this board.

NJ Legislators, Inc. Condemn Sex Offender’s Recovered Chiropractor License

Bryan Bajakian, who practiced from Mahwah, had his License restored recently from the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Bajakian is a registered sex offender in both cases New Jersey and Floridaafter spending two hours in jail for luring or luring a child on multiple counts and for illegally possessing a firearm. He was released from a New Jersey correctional facility on February 9, 2017 and is on probation for life and is Do not allow patients under the age of 18 to see unattended.

New Jersey’s Attorney General Gurbir Grewal was disappointed with the decision at the time.

“The Attorney General’s Office is committed to eradicating sexual misconduct in all its forms and has continually urged state licensing authorities to take seriously their obligation to protect the public from sexual misconduct by licensees,” a law firm spokesman general told PIX11 News in an explanation. “Given the egregious facts in this case, we are disappointed that the Board of Chiropractic Examiners has allowed Bryan Bajakian to resume his practice and are reviewing the board’s decision.”

The attorney general has previously attempted submit an application refuse the license, however had refused By the board of directors.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was interviewed on the matter during his coronavirus briefing Friday and agreed with Grewal.

“The attorney general is absolutely right,” Murphy said. “That’s unacceptable and the people who voted to reinstate this guy should hear this loud and clear. We will take a very close look at the composition of this body very soon. “

The bill, S-3494, would add two public members to the 11-member chiropractic board and expand its responsibilities in reviewing the qualifications of applicants for new or renewed licenses. The law would also prohibit anyone convicted of a sex crime from being licensed as a health care professional, including as a chiropractor.

“It was irresponsible and illogical to give a convicted sex offender sanctioned permission to return to the practice,” said New Jersey Senate Majority Leader Steve Sweeney. “Of course, reforms are needed to ensure that the board of directors gives the health and safety of the people of New Jersey top priority. More public members will bring additional oversight, and tighter background checks will help prevent this from happening again. ”

The relevant bill in the New Jersey State Assembly remains in committee.

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