• NHL Pens First European license partnership

    In total:

    • Tipsport is the NHL’s first official European sports betting partner
    • The partnership gives Tisport the right to use the official NHL brand and game day data
    • The European gaming market is currently in a solid state and is expected to grow in the years to come

    The National Hockey League (NHL) has signed its first European license partnership with the Czech sports betting provider Tipsport

    NHL licenses First European sports betting partner

    The National Hockey League (NHL) has signed a license partnership with Czech betting group Tipsport. The deal grants Tipsport the right to use the league’s official brand and match day data.

    Tipsport is available as a The official betting partner of the NHL for the Czech and Slovak gambling market and will be The league’s first European sports betting partner as a whole. The operator was chosen partly because of its size and reach and is the largest operator in the Czech market. This distinction has earned Tipsport the privilege of using that The iconic shield logo of the NHL.

    Of course, the deal is mutually beneficial. The NHL gains access to new markets and audiences, while Tipsport gains access to new markets direct data from the NHL tracking system “Puck and Player”. This opens up numerous opportunities for improving in-game stats and live odds.

    NHL is expanding into the growing European market

    According to John Lewicki, NHL International Vice President, Business Development and PartnershipsThe sports betting landscape in the Czech Republic and Slovakia offers a unique opportunity for fan engagement.

    Mr. Lewicki added that Tipsport is the ideal partner to accompany and support the NHL in their expansion into the US European sports betting market. Eventually, this move will allow the NHL to expand its reach across Europe and beyond.

    The importance of sports betting on a global level has increased dramatically The European market is no exception. The total gross income from gambling in Europe is estimated around $ 30.08 billionwith most of the revenue from sports betting. The market is expected 9.2% growth in the next four years.

    The NHL’s streaming partner for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Nova Sports TVwill also support the partnership, as Tipsport recently confirmed.