Dzulfikar Fathur Rahman (The Jakarta Post)

Mon, May 31, 2021

Ministry of Investment, online single filing, labor law

The government plans to postpone the launch of an online platform designed to make it easier for investors to file documents and secure licenses.

Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadalia said Friday that the government was planning to postpone the launch of the online single-submission platform (OSS), which was originally scheduled for June 2nd, into July.

The platform aims to streamline admissions processes and, along with the recently passed Job Creation Act, boost investment in the country.

As a centralized, integrated platform, it supports the government’s move to reclaim corporate licensing authorities from regional administrations for both large and small businesses.

“Since we need to get one thing clear in order for the OSS to work properly, we have to postpone it,” Bahlil said in an online event. “We just had a coordination meeting with the regional leaders, the Foreign Minister” [and] the coordinating minister of economics. Give us time. We test it constantly so that there are no incomplete regulations when it comes to implementation. “

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The updated OSS is based on the Job Creation Act, a collective act that revised 79 existing laws to simplify the process of starting a business in the country, including implementing a risk-based assessment for permit issuance and facilitation the issuing of permits to small business companies register numbers (NIB).

Integrated into the system of the Tax Directorate General of the Ministry of Finance, the platform is also intended to facilitate the issuing of tax identification numbers (NPWP) for small businesses who still have to register.