Get them while they’re hot: a new session of HackadayU just opened with classes from three fantastic teachers and The places fill up quickly.

Introduction to the basics of the antenna – Trainer Karen Rucker teaches the basics of antenna design as if it were your first year in the business. It will cover the common types of antenna designs and the basics of radio frequency engineering they contain. Starts Thursday May 6th.

Raspberry Pi Pico and RP2040 – The Deep Dive – Instructor Uri Shaked leads the class through the internals of the RP2040 microcontroller, covering the system architecture, hardware peripherals, and some examples of ARM assembly languages. Starts on Wednesday May 5th.

Design with complex geometry – Instructor James McBennett will assist you in your 3D modeling game with a course on using complex geometries in Grasshopper3D (part of Rhino3D). Immerse yourself in the inconsistent Rational B-Spline (NURBS) and switch from simple shapes to incredibly complex objects with a little code. Starts Tuesday May 4th.

Each course includes five weekly courses starting in May. Attending the live class through Zoom provides interactivity with the instructor and other students. All tickets are pay-as-you-wish with a suggested donation of $ 20. All proceeds go to socially conscious charities.

For the benefit of all, each class will be edited and published on Hackaday’s YouTube channel upon completion of this session. Check out our playlists for past HackadayU coursesor check them all out a huge playlist.

You might also consider becoming a tech affiliate for HackadayU. These volunteers help keep the class going to ensure the best experience for students and instructors alike. Connection applications are now open.