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New firefighting equipment and a bike race in this week’s 850 Good News


BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG / WECP) – Panama City firefighters put their skills and knowledge to the test during the annual rescue program.

The training consists of a series of sessions leading to the final test, scaled out of a window in a dummy drill.

The department’s rescue kits were out of date. So the city could get them new equipment.

“Our goal is to learn from previous incidents in the fire department,” said David Collier, Panama City fire chief. “This is something that happened many years ago. It’s something the fire department has learned to improve. And it just gives our employees a little more security to give them the opportunity to leave a structure if they have to. “

The fire department said the new tools allow them to focus on safety.

The Alpha Tau Omega Brotherhood at Troy University kicked off their spring break by walking more than 128 miles from Alabama to Panama City Beach.

The brothers ventured on this hike to raise money for wounded veterans.

Their goal was to raise $ 60,000. They went above and beyond and raised $ 90,000 instead.

“I think we can all say we feel great because that’s a record,” said Alpha Tau Omega brother Tommy Benjamin. “The biggest record before that was $ 71,000, and we knocked it out of the water at $ 90,000. That’s crazy.”

The money raised will go to Jeep Sullivan’s Wounded Outdoor Adventures.

West Bay elementary school students took a break from the classroom to race against a famous mascot. It was all part of the National School Breakfast Week.

Students challenged Jacksonville Jaguars’ mascot, Jax, to find out who can make a smoothie fastest using specially equipped blender bikes.

The West Bay Eagles were the winners!

As a prize, a boy and a girl received a bicycle donated by Salvage Santa.

That’s the 850 good news this week.

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