“We are very excited to be working with Millimages Studio and Molang,” said Will Stewart, Founder and General Manager of The Point.1888. “This is one of those brands that the whole team has been looking forward to and the potential for retail and product is endless. As a retail agency, we see what buyers want and ask for, and with ‘Molang’ we can tick that off.” Lots of boxes. 2021 and beyond will be incredibly exciting for our team and everyone at Millimages. When we roll out our agreed strategy, work together on new creatives and introduce this brand to a wider audience, as well as some exciting collaborations that we can’t wait to get started! “

The point. In 1888, a new retail-focused licensing strategy is defined and developed for Molang, targeting young UK adults (18-24 years old) while encompassing the secondary preschool audience. A gradual rollout of the category, split by the audience, begins with a range of adult gifts and accessories (Abysse Corp), plush, apparel, publishing, followed by fashion and jewelry collaborations.

Other softlines planned for 2022 include household goods, health and beauty, and cosmetic collaborations. The hardline categories identified include games and FMCG.

Retail destinations for these young adult ranges include specialty stores that appeal to lovers of Korean culture and kawaii products, as well as more mainstream retailers.

For the pre-school audience of ‘Molang’, The Point.1888 will develop nightwear for babies and toddlers, fashionable daywear and accessories as well as a book and magazine publisher.

“Our long-term vision is to make ‘Molang’ a global 360 lifestyle brand for all ages,” says Mickael Zeggagh, Commercial Director, Licensing at Millimages. “We are sure that The Point will be an invaluable strategic partner in helping us realize this vision in the UK – an extremely important market. Together with Highlight PR, who will be responsible for the creative influencer campaigns this year.” in order to further increase brand awareness among customers. ” Gen Zs and Millennials, we are now in a strong position to ensure ‘Molang’ takes off in the UK. “