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As of May 1, all residents who rent their homes for short-term stays must have a full license or face a $ 1,000 fine.

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Regina Leader Post As of May 1st, Regina residents renting out their homes for short-term stays must have a license to do so. Photo by Brett Gundlock / Bloomberg

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Would you like to rent out your house to short-term visitors? The city of Regina says you now need a license to do this.

All Regina residents who rent their homes for short-term stays must obtain a STA (Short-Term Accommodation) license, according to a press release released on Friday May 1st.

The city says the license will ensure that regulatory terms are consistent for all short-term residential accommodation and that enforcement costs remain low.

An STA license is required for anyone offering their own residence as accommodation for 30 days or less. The license costs $ 100 for a residence where the owner lives and $ 300 for a separate residence.

Residents who continue to operate short-term rentals without a STA license will be fined $ 1,000.

It must be renewed annually and the license number should be included in all rental offers on Airbnb, Vrbo or other public places. All licensees are required to keep a record of guests’ activities, including the number of nights rented.

For more information on the Short Term Housing Statute and STA license application, please visit

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