New horn adapter kits support popular Cambium, Ubiquiti, Mimosa and Connector radios

IRVINE, Calif., April 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – KP Performance Antennas, a brand of Infinite Electronics and manufacturer of wireless network antennas, has just released new ProLine horn adapter kits to meet the immediate needs of landline operators.

KP is new ProLine horn adapter kits were specially developed for Cambium, Ubiquiti, Mimosa and connection radios. These kits have a durable housing that the radio can snap into without any additional tape or cables. The push-in adapter has a patented Quick-Connect waveguide technology that simplifies installation on the antenna.

These weatherproof adapter kits are designed to not only withstand harsh environments exposed to strong UV rays, rain, snow and ice, but also to remain extremely reliable and ensure a longer product life. They have adjustable horizontal / vertical or ± 45 ° oblique polarization and are compatible with common 5 GHz CPE radios from Cambium, Ubiquiti and Mimosa.

“These new horn adapters simplify installation and eliminate the need for waterproof connectors for radio-specific adapters. With adjustable polarization, these toolless quick connect adapters are versatile enough to support all applications,” he said Justin Pollock, Product line manager.

KP is new ProLine horn adapter kits are in stock and can be ordered directly from the KP Performance Antennas website or from one of KP’s authorized distributors.

For inquiries, please call 1-855-276-5772.

Information on KP power antennas:
With decades of on-site experience as a former WISP operator and Ph.D. KP Performance Antennas, Antenna Engineers, helps wireless operators maximize ROI with products that exceed industry expectations by delivering superior throughput, higher service coverage, reliable performance and reduced maintenance costs while delivering responsive service, expert technical support and shipping on bid the same day. KP Performance Antennas is a trademark of Infinite Electronics.

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About Infinite Electronics:
Based in Irvine, California, Infinite electronics offers a wide range of components, assemblies and wired / wireless connectivity solutions for the aerospace / defense, industrial, government, consumer electronics, instrumentation, medical and telecommunications markets. Infinite brands include Pasternack, Fairview Microwave, L-Com, MilesTek, ShowMeCables, installations from NavePoint, INC, Integra Optics, PolyPhaser, Transtector, KP Performance Antennas, RadioWaves & Aiconics. Infinite Electronics serves a global engineering customer base with extensive technical expertise and support, and has one of the broadest stocks of products that can be shipped immediately.

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