As cannabis legalization sweeps across the United States, companies in the industry are quickly realizing that they have a big problem; You can’t keep up with all the demand. A major cause of this supply chain problem is the licensing required to operate every step of the way.

Without the appropriate license, the breeder cannot extract their cannabis into concentrated oils to get into vape cartridges, the extractor and vape filler cannot distribute their product to pharmacies, and pharmacies cannot do anything other than cannabis products directly from one of the licensed distributors to buy.

The only way to grow without total reliance on third party vendors is to get every single license across the supply chain. While this is an expensive, difficult, and time-consuming process, it is exactly what it takes to survive and thrive in the long term with cannabis, and this is exactly what Vertical Companies has been doing for the past 5 years.

Vertical companies was founded with the belief and understanding that in order to be successful with cannabis in the long term, you need to control your supply chain. No matter how popular your stores, brands, or products become, if you haven’t set up the supply chain to grow with demand, you are doomed to fail from the start.

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In 2019, Vertical Companies completed their $ 63 million capital increase, allowing them to complete construction and grow out of their state-of-the-art 100% indoor growing and manufacturing facility in Needles, California. Spread over 7 acres with 22 additional acres zoned and approved for cannabis use, Vertical’s Needles facility is one of the largest indoor cannabis facilities in California, producing a crop of hundreds of pounds each week.

And since the facility is 100% indoor, the cannabis grown is of the highest quality. By growing cannabis entirely indoors in a controlled environment, Vertical can tailor every aspect of the growing process to be exactly what each individual plant needs. Hundreds of high-tech sensors monitoring all 34 grow rooms regulate the plants’ nutrient, water and lighting schedules around the clock to ensure they are reaching their full potential. An expensive upfront investment, but something that will allow the company to scale further without bottlenecks coming from the heart of every cannabis business, cultivation.

As Vertical continues to attract even greater demand for cannabis than they already have, the smart and strategic planning in starting the business will prove to be one of the main differences between them and their competitors struggling to keep up.

If you want information on investing in vertical companies Please click here.