BENGALURU: The Karnataka The government needs to accelerate the process of introducing licensing for sales Cigarettes and other tobacco Products in the state to prevent children, mostly teenagers, from accessing these products, a section of said students and Teacher they are part of Consortium for Tobacco Free Karnataka.
In states like, a licensing system is already in place Maharashtra, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Rajasthan.
On Wednesday, a group of students, teachers and members of the consortium urged the government to immediately put in place a licensing process for vendors to control the threat from mushroom farms near educational institutions.
They asked for a license similar to that for liquor dealers. Currently, tobacco products are prominently displayed in small shops and there are no measures to ensure they are not sold to children. Infringements that have trade licenses are often subject to minor fines.
SJ Chander, chairman of the consortium, said the issue should be addressed quickly. “We urge parents, teachers and child rights activists to come up and petition the state urban development department to introduce a licensing system at least at the beginning of the new academic year schools will likely reopen after the Covid crisis eases, ”said Chander.
The consortium has collected nearly 3,000 letters written by students and teachers in support of the campaign.
Shashi Kumar, General Secretary of Associated Management of Private Schools in Karnataka, said, “Without a supplier license, this is a free run for sellers and a bleak future for our children.”