On January 18, 2021, the Japanese government granted the Dhaka Community Hospital Trust (DCHT) a grant of $ 68,633, which is roughly equivalent to BDT 5.49 million. Ambassador ITO Naoki signed with Omar Sharif Ibne Hasan, Director of the Central Coordination Committee of the DCHT, “grant contracts” for basic projects in the field of human security (GGHSP) in the Japanese embassy.

DCHT has received the grant for “The Project to Provide Medical Devices to Support Healthcare for Newborns and Children in Dhaka District”. DCHT has provided primary, secondary and tertiary health services with community participation and has developed skilled human resources in the health services field. With support from GGHSP funding, DCHT will source and install medical equipment to provide health services to newborns and children at Dhaka Community Hospital. Newborn and pediatric patients with respiratory diseases receive special medical support through this project.

Japan has supported 197 NGO projects since 1989 through its Grassroots Human Security Project Grant Support (GGHSP) to improve grassroots economic and social human security. The total of these GGHSP grants so far awarded to NGOs in Bangladesh is approximately $ 15 million.