India’s oldest music label Saregama is working with the American platform Triller to add their large catalog to the short-form video app.

The Indian music label, announced yesterday by Saregama, has signed a worldwide license agreement with Triller. This will bring Saregama’s catalog of over 130,000 songs to the TikTok competitor.

Under this contract, Saregama will license its entire catalog to Triller so that users can create innovative content using the robust music library of over 130,000 songs in various Indian languages ​​such as Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada. Punjabi and Gujarati among many others.

Saregama in an application for approval

Saregama represents the rich diversity of Indian music and the company is excited to enter into this important partnership to ensure that music publishers are properly rewarded for the legacy they have built over the years. This new agreement reaffirms our commitment to helping publishers in South Asia and around the world grow the Triller platform.

Bobby Sarnevesht, chairman and co-owner of Triller

This is not Saregama’s first major signing in recent years. The Indian music label signed similar contracts with social media and streaming services like Facebook, Spotify, Amazon and TikTok’s streaming service Resso.

Trill became increasingly popular in India last year after TikTok was banned. Many thought The short-form video app would likely take TikTok’s place how Last summer there was a threat of a ban in the USA. As the platform grew Triller signed contracts with major publishers such as NMPA, after this Loss of her license from Universal Music Group.