HTI has appointed Richard Hollis to the toy company’s license department and, alongside Lucy Warren, license and marketing manager, has taken on the role of license manager on a part-time basis.

The appointment came after news that Michelle Dalziel, Senior Licensing and Marketing Manager at HTI Toys, is leaving the company this spring to pursue a career in her family business.

Dalziel, a popular member of the team, joined HTI in 2014 and was originally on the sales team before taking over the licensing and marketing categories. During her years at HTI, she helped structure the company’s licensed portfolio and played a key role in shaping the strength and focus of the portfolio of brands and partners it has today.

“The team has only positive things to say about Michelle and she will certainly be missed,” the company said in a statement.

In the meantime, HTI has added Richard Hollis to the team, as he has a part-time position as license manager alongside Lucy Warren, Head of Licensing and Marketing. Hollis brings a wealth of experience gained over the past 31 years in the licensing industry.

Dalziel will be working closely with Hollis for the next several months until she leaves in May.