Eve-Devices is about to introduce new devices and further develop a flagship device with PC tablets and is receiving a wake-up call via crowdsourcing customer support.

In 2017, a small, relatively nameless company caused a sensation in the computer world with the production of one of the companies first crowd-sourced competitor to the established detachable tablet computer from Microsoft, the Surface Pro. With a head start of four years and more than half a billion in its marketing strategy to gain mindshare, Microsoft built a pretty significant mound to create an alternative to its Surface Pro. Microsoft’s mindshare head start was so well established that better-known PC makers apparently gave up on the idea.

However, Finnish company Eve-Devices (formerly Eve-Technology) launched one of the more capable Surface Pro alternatives in its Eve-V tablet PC that offers more I / O, a wider range of configurations, and subtle nuances like Bluetooth keyboards with RGB lighting and a pen in the box. Journalists and reviewers (myself included) especially applauded the out-of-left box, which featured Eve devices brought to the table with the Eve-V, as well as the short but recorded story of hearing Fans as a new way of building products.

The appetite for a Surface Pro alternative was great as successively more established PC manufacturers like Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS and Lenovo made and supported their own detachable tablet PC products. Enter Eve-Device with the nearest Surface Pro facsimile that came a few hundred dollars cheaper and came with a few more features. Unfortunately, as a crowdsourced maker with relatively limited supply chain relationships and processes, Eve-Devices was well on its way to the numbers it had promised backers when it began taking pre-orders for its Eve-V tablet in 2017.

Four years later, Eve-Devices will launch a high-end gaming monitor as well as a sequel to its flagship tablet PC, but industry sentiment towards the company appears to have deteriorated. Increasingly, more posts are popping up on the internet describing the rise and noticeable fall of Eve devices as less of a crowd-sourcing champion and more of a bait-and-switch scam team. A growing crowd of anti-Eve device protesters have traveled to Reddit to share their unfortunate stories when dealing with Eve devices as an early supporter or new customer. The subreddit aptly titled r / evev has become something of a digital temporary VA where seasoned Eve customers and veterans alike gather to share their war atrocities as they address Eve’s many perceived shortcomings as a sales channel or competently marketed company. Eve-Devices experienced the negative turn in front of his spectrum monitor The rollout has less to do with the hardware actually produced by the company and more to do with customer support and communication or the lack thereof.

As a reviewer, I’m naturally from a privileged place and it’s no more obvious than the current stalemate between Eve-Devices and its confused customer base. Judging by the 500+ strong Reddit group, my rather pleasant experience with Eve devices may be more of an outlier than the norm. A moderator on the Eve subreddit reached out to me in late 2020 to alert me to the growing trend of negative stories that still affect Eve’s four-year-old tablet and the company’s customer service issues.

I’m the moderator on a subreddit called r / evev, which is a collection of users who have been waiting for Eve to ship or refund orders for their first V-Tablet starting December 2017. We also follow the progress of Eve’s other projects and we notice many similar patterns affecting us.

I did a survey of users last week and currently 135 users have over 90% non-refunds and Eve owes $ 200,000 to the remaining users. These are mostly people who paid full price for Eva’s last V-tablet in December 2017.

I was originally one of those people negatively affected by Eva and they refunded my order after I started hearing my story on Reddit after three years of waiting. I hope you can help me bring attention to others’ struggles with Eve so they can get a better response on when refunds are being handled, and hopefully Eve will actually follow up this time around.

After two weeks and reading more than four years worth of posts, a clear passage emerged regarding Eve and its customers, showing that the company wasn’t just apparently unable to deliver the promised Eve-V deliveries -To deliver PC tablets, but also it is also not possible to reimburse 1,460 disenfranchised and frustrated supporters – a few odd days later. The passionate disappointment of past and current Eve customers has spread to more mainstream communities outside of Reddit, including a brief recap of the Notebook Check subreddit Details of customer refunds of $ 225,000 or featured posts on The Verge.

Former Eve customers have a long list of complaints that could cause any boutique retailer to worry, especially when it comes to launching a new product as well as a continuation of their existing-in-question flagship.

Usually there are two sides to every story, however, and I asked Eve-Devices for a comment on the rather alarming trend of warning messages coming from former sectarian followers.

According to co-founder Konstantinos Karatesvidis, customer complaints are valid and received by the company, but they are more likely to be misunderstandings that lead to snowballs of complaints.

While 2017 may be a few years too late for those affected, Eve posted a breakdown of the current customer service situation on the company’s blog.

The past

The Eve V is proof that crowd development by the eve community can produce great products. While the V was received with great reviews from media and end users alike, there have also been setbacks in the project.

As I briefly explained in the Spectrum Q&A 70 last week, our team in Finland originally wanted to focus on R&D and design while licensing sales, manufacturing and customer service to partners around the world. We have developed and designed products with community, created all the necessary tools and processes for production and licensed them to partners in different regions. Our team and company in Helsinki have invested funds in research and development, design, branding and marketing. In this business model, distributors can use our brand, tools, motherboard designs, etc. at a fraction of the cost by paying us a license fee per unit sold and taking care of manufacturing, shipping, replacement, etc.

This licensing business model is very common. For example, if you buy Marshall headphones, Porsche notebooks, Angry Birds toys, or Starbucks instant coffee in a supermarket, those brands neither made it nor sold to you: they only licensed the brand, and in some cases the design, etc. The scope of these agreements varies. Hardware licensing business models are great in theory because each one focuses on their strengths and adds value to the end product.

We have decided to first sign a three-year license agreement with some key partners around the world to license our product and our brand. Most of these partners have contributed to a smooth customer experience regardless of whether you ordered from Indiegogo 36, Taobao 32, Bestware 12, Drop 21, and others.

Unfortunately, one of our main partners, Fortress Tech Distribution LTD, who runs the webshop through www.eve-tech.com 124, had problems with the supply chain, frozen funds from payment processors, and early deliveries, resulting in frustration in the community and direct damage to ours Brand. When the license agreement expires, we will share things with you as they are. We didn’t mention this publicly as we had a very tight NDA clause with heavy penalties.

Specifically, thousands of Eve Vs shipped and refunds processed in 2017 and beyond. However, according to Eve, they have been burdened with a number of “licensed” complaints and refunds that they are carefully trying to resolve.

In addition, there have been a few other structural changes within the company to further address similar future issues:

After the disaster with our former reseller, a new company was formed to handle sales, manufacturing and distribution with team members from the original research and development company and new investors and partners.

In fact, I am no longer the company’s CEO as our management, investors, and board have changed completely. Now our company Eve Distribution in Hong Kong is run by Tuukka Korhonen (it’s okay to be quoted in this answer instead by me, by the way)

In general, this is the most important change that won’t cause the same problem to happen again as it does now when a customer purchases Spectrum. It is bought directly from us and not from a third party provider over which we have no direct influence.

In order to meet the order volume, we not only ensured the high quality of our products, but also entered into a partnership with a tier 1 monitor manufacturer who makes monitors for Asus ROG, Acer Predator, HP Omen, Dell and Alienware. They call it! As a result, every aspect of development is treated at a much higher level of quality. Our manufacturer is directly owned by LG, which ensures that we don’t run into panel shortage issues.

If you take Eve’s answer at face value, they’re in a similar situation to Microsoft when it comes to licensing and complaint. If something goes wrong with a PC, Microsoft is automatically to blame, although there are countless other possible problems with the OEM BIOS, firmware, and driver support. And just like Microsoft, Eve-Devices takes a more practice-oriented approach (including Surface devices) to control the presentation of their marketing, sales and customer service history.

At the end of the day, Eve-Devices has the bag for its 2017 delivery and customer service problems in hand The company has admitted there were many“Eve V was our first crowd-developed project and I think we made all of the mistakes we have to make during the project.”

There is a little bit of him in my view, she said, but going forward, Eve-Devices can continue to handle and handle as many pending refunds, repairs, and complaints as possible while refining the customer service chain. It’s getting harder and harder to become a trustworthy manufacturer, and according to Eve-Devices, they have made a few changes to become a more trustworthy manufacturer since their first device was released. On the eve of the company’s second device When you hit retail it will be interesting to see what lessons have been learned and which ones they may need to review.

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