SuitSat loses its innocence in a new one Video short Science fiction thriller Decommissioned. “Inspired by true events”, the video short film resurrects the space suit / satellite from 2006, which broadcast messages about 2 meters around the earth. The original SuitSat-1 project, conceived by an amateur radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) Team converted a decommissioned Russian Orlan spacesuit into a free-floating amateur radio satellite.

“ARISS designed and built an antenna and radio that were approved for installation in the suit, and Cosmonaut Valeri Tokarev and Commander Bill McArthur, KC5ACR, launched SuitSat-1 at the start of a spacewalk,” said ARISS-US -Delegate for ARRL Rosalie White, K1STO, told. SuitSat-1 sent a voice message: “This is SuitSat-1 RS0RS!” in multiple languages ​​as well as telemetry and a slow-scan TV picture on an 8-minute cycle as it circled the earth.

In the 6-minute film, a SuitSat returns in the future to track the commander of the International Space Station “Diaz” played by Joey Vieira. Diaz snaps photos from an observation dome on the ISS as he spies on remote space debris and radios from Houston to express his concern.

“If there was cause for concern, we would see it too,” assured Houston.

As the object approaches, an increasingly anxious Diaz recognizes the “rubble” as SuitSat. “This is SuitSat,” comes a voice on the amateur radio.

“Houston, you won’t believe that. We receive broadcasts on amateur radio that sound identical to the SuitSat experiment, ”he tells a skeptical mission control. “It’s SuitSat! I see SuitSat! ”

“SuitSat re-entered the atmosphere and burned up years ago,” replies Mission Control. “It is impossible.”

Decommissioned was produced by Perception Pictures and directed by Australian filmmaker Josh Tanner. He toldGizmodo that he made the video “using the Unreal Engine technology that The Mandalorian used, albeit old-school rear projection, as opposed to the fancy LED wall technology they used.”

SuitSat-1 – called Radioskaf or Radio Sputnik in Russian – was so successful that another Orlan spacesuit that was not required was later converted into SuitSat-2.

As an interesting sidebar related to the real SuitSat, White stated, “After the ARISS engineers calculated the orbit and spin properties of the SuitSat-1, they knew the legs and arms needed to be filled with something and asked the crew to get dirty laundry indoors. “

White said Decommissioned was a hit at a recent ARISS meeting. The original SuitSats were desorbed to burn in the earth’s atmosphere at the end of their useful life.

ARRL is a partner of the ARISS program, which has been broadcasting amateur radio from the International Space Station for 20 years. A hallmark of the ARISS program are the planned amateur radio contacts between astronaut crew members and schools and student groups around the world.