Dominica News Online Reports that four portable amateur radio transceivers were donated to the Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities (DAPD) so that DAPD members who have received amateur radio training can go on the air. Two Swedish members of Dominica Amateur Radio Club Inc. (DARCI) who had joined the DAPD attended the presentation. During an interview with DBS Radio, DAPD Executive Director Nathalie Murphy thanked DARCI for the donation.

“It’s one thing to do the theory, but it’s another thing to do the hands-on exercises, and with no such equipment that cannot be done, we’d like to say a big thank you to the Dominica Amateur Radio Club Inc. he has considered us and we are making sure that the program we are now following can be put into practice, ”said Murphy. “After you’ve completed the training and been certified as an amateur radio user, you must obtain your license from the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission and our applications will be in front of you.”

Ham radio played an important role in the island nation’s response and recovery from Hurricane Maria in the fall of 2017. – Thanks to the Southgate amateur radio news