Dealing with an antenna is one of those things we never know enough about. MIT had a live stream of [Dr. Kiersten Kerby-Patel] Discuss antennas in a conversation, sponsored by the amateur radio club on campus. You can see the shot below.

The main claim of the presentation is that everything is a dipole unless it is a loop. Although the professor is likely dealing with antennas at an extremely high theoretical level, she did a great job targeting them to amateur radio operators.

The conversation lasts about an hour and is therefore not optimized for the YouTube generation. There is an introductory material that looks like it was from one of our old physics classes. However, towards the end, the conversation becomes more practical.

There is the mandatory mention of yagis and loops. There’s even a Smith chart. If you don’t know what the chu limit is, be sure to check out this video. The end of the talk covers some very small antennas with active devices or even moving parts.

If you’d like to discuss more about the why behind antennas, we really are liked this video. These Two part is worth your time, also.