Jason Heuser may not be a name you know yet, but it is very possible that you do come across his work. It can be found literally everywhere from prime time TV chat shows to household items like kitchen aprons and pot holders to branded T-shirts. But as successful as his art was, Jason unfortunately hardly saw a cent of it. That’s because his popular piece went viral massively without his approval. But that will change since then Ethereality conduct a kind of drop with his most famous piece to date “WELCOME TO THE INTERNET” to celebrate the launch of their new platform.

A militant cat brandishing a gun and riding a fire-breathing unicorn. It’s ethereal, symbolic, and celebrates everything from the advent of the internet to the rise of the NFTs, and is a celebration of digital art.

1. Can you give us a little background on how your work as an artist got you into the NFT room?

I stumbled upon everything I normally do and started my digital career doing absurd art that made me laugh. Soon I was grabbing Reddit and other social media platforms. After doing this for over ten years, it’s not that relevant to create memes and prints the traditional way. I embrace the chaos and let it flow through me as I explore the new NFT room. So far, I’ve had the most fun of my entire career. I got together and made lasting friends while doing justice to Gustav [my cat who is showcased in my infamous ‘welcome to the internet’ piece].

2. People recognize your work all over the world, and for good reason. What is your main inspiration?

80s / 90s action films, attention deficit disorder, and a deep desire to make people laugh form the basis of my triforce of inspiration. Thanks to my high school art teacher, I also get motivation when people don’t believe in me. Greetings to Ms. Schiavo.

3. Your work has of course become an internet sensation. When did you realize that something about your piece “WELCOME TO THE INTERNET” was different?

The story goes on

When I started seeing it on different products in public. I first saw it at BART while working in San Francisco. I asked where they bought it and I found lots of products on Alibaba and eBay. When I REALLY knew it was different, I saw it in Windows 10. Then I knew I had something else on my hands.

4. It must be shocking to see your work marketed on the internet. Do you see this as free or something else?

It started out humorous for me, but it quickly got frustrating when I saw all people making a profit from it. One company that respected art and chose to work with me was Brewing Karben4.

5. With NFTs, fully transparent licensing power for your work is now expected. Is this a huge difference from what you are used to?

I’ve been fortunate to work with a few companies that license my work. In terms of the bigger picture, NFTs give everyone involved a lot more transparency. This is incredibly valuable to me as the majority of the sales that greet Internet products are not made by me

6. Ethernity and the NFT movement protect artists and help them gain recognition on the business side. Do you think this kind of change is just the beginning?

Absolutely, this is a game changer for artists of all kinds. We are on the brink of a massive shift, so much so that most people are not ready. Get on the train now, it won’t be in the station long. How many times have we all heard of the nasty record labels or corporations who all take profits and leave junk for the people who do the lion’s share of the work? As Din would say, “this is the way”.

7. You are in good company with other talented artists in the NFT world – who do you think can benefit from this new technology?

I am humble about the artists I share the NFT space with. What’s next? I have some ideas about whether NFTs could benefit everyone in the future. I think I’ll keep this close to my chest for now, but the future is bright for NFTs and not as promising for companies that don’t use this technology. Sooon.

8. Thank you for taking the time to reply. If there is any final thought you’d like to share about WELCOME TO THE INTERNET and NFTs in general then we are all ears!

All IP attorneys who would like to drop numerous cease and desist statements and lawsuits on behalf of gustav contact me on my website.


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