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More than two dozen equipment manufacturing executives and American Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) employees met with Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on Monday to discuss President Joe Biden’s US employment plan to invest in US infrastructure.

Buttigieg spoke to the group about the urgent need to make transformative investments in the country’s infrastructure to revive U.S. manufacturing and create tens of thousands of new jobs.

“That is why we feel the urgency, we cannot just rest with the investments made decades ago,” said the minister. “That’s what the American Jobs Plan is about, that’s why the president is proposing the largest single investment in jobs since the end of World War II. I want to emphasize that based on the economic analysis that we have seen, most of the jobs created by the American Jobs Plan are jobs that do not require a college degree. The multiplier effect of these well-paying jobs is really important as they are the lifeblood of many production communities, including where I come from. ”

AEM CE Sector Council Chairman Rod Schrader discussed the industry’s efforts to reduce emissions by developing alternative power generation technologies for construction machinery and said the industry wants to work with the von Biden government to ensure that its 2030 strategy is market conditions, Supply and demand takes takes into account and other issues to consider.

“There is no greater economic engine in the world than the hard work and ingenuity of the American people,” said AEM President Dennis Slater. “But in order to continue to grow and to create more family-friendly jobs, device manufacturers need a modern infrastructure that meets the challenges and opportunities of the global economy of the 21st century. As the Brookings Institution’s Rebuild With Purpose report makes clear, device manufacturers are ready for a major overhaul of American infrastructure. We appreciate Secretary Buttigieg’s unwavering focus on making sure America has the best infrastructure in the world and his recognition that investment infrastructure is the best way to boost the economy, get Americans back to work, and support device manufacturers. ”

Buttigieg also said that device manufacturers will have a cross-generational influence in modernizing infrastructure.

“Our infrastructure only makes headlines when something goes wrong,” he said. “And yet Americans benefit from the infrastructure every day when they drive on roads and highways or just go about their everyday lives. That’s one of the reasons we think it’s so important to lay the foundations for the right infrastructure that Americans need today and in the future to be successful. Device manufacturers will create this infrastructure. You will literally build better. Without the part of the building, there is no better way to demolish it. And this is where the device manufacturers come into play. ”