The British sub-aqua club has announced the start of a new license agreement BSAC Egypt.

The new license agreement is between BSAC and Blue Pearl Ltd.that will now act as BSAC Egypt. The Hurghada-based company wants to expand the reach of BSAC with the creation of many new training centers across the Red Sea.

Comment on the new agreement, BSAC chair Maria Harwood specified:

“The Red Sea is one of the most popular diving destinations in the world. We are excited to attract more vacationers from all over the world to diving to BSAC. Working with Yasser and the BSAC Egypt team is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved. “

While BSAC’s Business Development Officer Adrian Collier added:

“Egypt is one of the most popular diving destinations and offers a wealth of diving opportunities for all abilities. Any BSAC member can dive or train in one of the BSAC centers in Egypt. We will also be working closely with BSAC Egypt to encourage more people to dive which could potentially lead to new club members in the UK. “

Yasser Ragab, the new CEO of BSAC Egypt, commented the new company with the following words:

“The Red Sea is one of the wonders of the world and a bucket for all new and experienced divers. By working closely with BSAC, we want to increase the love of diving and thus issue diving qualifications in our own country. “