BERKELEY, Calif .– Ultraview Corp. in Berkeley, California, introduces the Ultracomb-8G microwave comb generator with high output levels, low jitter and programmability of the spectral content for antenna range testing, communications and communications electronic warfare (EW) jam.

Based on a custom ultra-high repetition rate gallium nitride (GaN) differential pulser IC, the palm-sized Ultracomb-8G is powered via a USB 3.0 or 3.1 port which allows the user to program the comb amplitude, comb post spacing, and low / high frequency -Spectral weighting.

The comb post spacing can be programmed by software in single-ended output mode in steps of 0.01 Hz from 10 MHz to 2 GHz. It is generated by an integrated LMX2594 synthesizer that is powered by an internal 150fs jitter reference clock or an external 10 to 500 jitter MHz reference.

Users of the RF and microwave comb can also program the device in 1: 1 clock mode so that the pulse repetition rate of the comb generator matches the external reference and the clock input. Its differential outputs enable antenna connections without the use of a BALUN and an overall output level that is 3 decibels higher.

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The Ultracomb-8G can generate pulse trains with widths between 100 and 800 ps, ​​which allows it to generate relatively flat combs with usable energy up to 10 GHz or, alternatively, much higher power combs with most of the energy concentrated below 2 GHz.

This is useful in Antenna test for low frequency antennas over long distances or when transmitting through lossy media, while retaining the ability to test over a wide bandwidth using shorter distances.

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