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Why Online Christian Radio is the Best Music to Listen to

Oct 28

Why do people people so much benefit in listening to Christian Music?

This article explores why Christian Music seems to be rated as the most beneficial music to listen to as well as how Online Christian Radio has risen in popularity, especially in 2022 due to millennial lifestyle changes, and how online radio is now becoming more popular than standard radio in your car. 

Nationwide Research at A SURVEY

The Finney Media What's the Reason to Listen?(r) Survey 2018 there were 26,800 participants from four different formats : music stations, teaching stations all-Teaching stations and teaching programs.

The primary focus of the study is the main reason why Christian radio listeners tune in. It appears that listeners who come via CCM stations tune in, a few cases with the same reasons as listeners at Music/Teaching stations or all teaching stations...and then there's reasons that differ. Below are the percentages, by format, of the respondents who indicated that it was the primary reason they listen to.

Music Station Respondents

  1. It aids me in worshipping God during the day. 91 percent
  2. I enjoy the worshipful Christian music 91% of the time.
  3. I'd like to be energised by 80% of the time.
  4. It aids me in developing spiritually. 77 percent
  5. It's secure for me and my family members to listen to 62% of the radio stations.

Radio/teaching station respondents

  1. It allows me to grow spiritually 86 percent
  2. It allows me to worship God all day long 83 percent of the time.
  3. It aids me in understanding the Bible more clearly. 74%
  4. I'd like to be encouraged. 70 percent of the time.
  5. I enjoy music that is worshipful Christian music. It's 63%.

All-Teaching Respondents to Stations

  1. It allows me to grow spiritually 89 percent
  2. It allows me to worship God during the day 81 percent
  3. It makes me comprehend the Bible more clearly, and at a higher level of 80%.
  4. I'd like to contribute to spreading Truth 69 percent
  5. I would like to be inspired by 67% of the people I meet.

The ones that are in in bold are those that are not shared by each of the formats. The ones that aren't in bold were among the list of Top 5 Main Reasons for each format. A few notes:

It is logical that "I enjoy music that is music that is worshipful Christian music" wouldn't show up as the top main reason for respondents to the Teaching Station because those stations don't play any music.

Music Station listeners were the only group to score "It's safe for my family and me to enjoy" in the top five. Even among listeners to Music the score is a distant fifth. This is because the percentage of those who have children under the age of 18 living in their homes is continuing to fall. It's dropped from 38 percent from the Why Listen? Survey in 2016 to 32%. Survey to 32 percent of the survey in 2018. Survey.

The more evangelism and Bible-centered reasons appeared more prominently on stations with a focus on teaching programs"It's a good way to learn "It helps me to understand the Bible more clearly" and "I wish to help spread Truth" appearing more prominently than these motives did for music listeners.

We believe that the best news story lies in this. If you take a look at the main reasons that are the same across all three types of formats"It's a good way to worship God" "It helps me to worship God every day", "It helps me develop spiritually" and "I need to be inspired" It's like our listener is telling us that "I'm looking to receive spiritual encouragement".

This November - The Five Most Interesting On air topics. One is more important than other topics. We'll be able to show it to the month of November!

While we are still fighting the global pandemic that is certain to have been a challenge for us sometimes, we find ourselves feeling as if there is no hope at the end of the road. For many people, there was the time when we could not even attend church in person services in order to connect with our local group of believers. Despite the uncertainty surrounding us and the inconsistent nature of our ability to meet, Christian radio has been always meeting people wherever they are.

Based on the Radio Advertising Bureau More than 20 million listeners tune into Christian and Religious radio every week. They remind listeners that there is hope and give us a positive message to persevere. There is no greater message than that of the faith of Jesus.

"I enjoy listening to Christian radio to help me to stay on track in my daily life. It's not just the music that be of great significance, but and the presenters who present this music" an Christian radio listener stated. "It's not only an artist who is singing an Christian song, but rather an actual Christian singing the Christian song, therefore it's more significant. There are times when you're really down and you believe that God or the Lord had spoken to you about a particular lyrics in a song to help you get through it."

Christian radio listeners and shapes the lives of Christians. As Christians must always be reminded the greatness of God is. God is.

"What I love most about Christian radio is the fact that they permit individuals to share their honest what led their lives to Jesus? What is it that brought people to the station?" another listener said.

It's a great feeling for a person who is a Christian to listen to the stories of others who passed from death to life thanks to Jesus' life, death, burial as well as the resurrection Jesus Christ. The gospel is more tangible when you listen to the testimony of other people and the way their lives were changed by Jesus.

While the number of radio listeners decreased in the initial outbreak since fewer people commuted to work, the numbers are currently back to pre-pandemic levels.

Christian Artist"Listening to Christian radio is a great way to remain positive, receive an encouraging message and feel good all day long," one radio listener wrote.

Christian radio reintroduces listeners towards the Bible as well as reminds listeners of how trustworthy God is. The reminds us of God's faithfulness and helps listeners to feel joy in the midst of hardships. In the midst of chaos the world today, Christian radio is instrumental in delivering authentic messages of optimism.

"I was fired from my job without warning. I was in the car and my favourite group was playing--Need to Breathe. In that moment, I began singing in the car and remembering that God is a positive influencer and I am able to pass the same joy and light on others."

Many listeners have said that Christian radio is stepping into changing their perspective about life, even when they were in a low point. It doesn't matter if it's the perfect song for the right moment or the correct message at the perfect time, Christian radio has a unique opportunity to enter the life of the listener by bringing them to exactly where they are.

According to an 2021 study conducted by Finney Media, the number reason why people tune in to the teaching portion of Christian radio is that it assists them in developing spiritually.

"Christian radio's impact has been a profound and significant impact, in bringing many listeners who were lost to salvation through Christ and empowering the body by empowering Bible-based teaching," Daniel Darling, Senior Vice President of Communication at NRB said. "Radio is a special and intimate connection with listeners. Being someone who was formed by Christian radio I am thankful to the people who have devoted their time, talents and resources into this essential ministry around the world."

Christian radio plays a crucial role in helping those who want to grow in their relationship towards the Lord. Many listeners have been shaped and influenced by the faithful Christian radio broadcasts.

If you're for Christian radio, continue to encourage to inspire and uplifting, continue discipling, and most important, continue to proclaim the gospel about Jesus Christ.

The world desperately needs it.

Where do find some of the best Online Christian Radio stations?

I Will Gather You Online Christian RadioWell, if you are looking for an encouraging Christian station to tune into, we recommend I Will Gather You Radio. I Will Gather You Radio is an online Christian Radio station that plays only the highest quality music, quality sermons, and high-definition worship. They released their platform in 2021 and have become one of the most popular online radio stations for encouraging Christian music. They also have an app in the apple store as well as the Android Playstore.