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10 Things to Consider When Buying a GPS Navigator

Apr 13

In today’s time, it is really important to have a GPS navigator in hand to keep track of yourself and to make sure you are headed the right way by getting the right set of directions. So if you are looking forward to buy a GPS navigator then you will have to consider some important things. Here are the 10 things that you must consider when buying a GPS Navigator:

  • Screen - The GPS navigator should not have a screen that is too big. If you are purchasing it for your car, then the screen size does not matter but if you are looking for a portable GPS unit, then you must make sure that the screen is not that big. Different models will have different screen size so take care of this feature.

  • Mounting System - The mounting option also matters. It is where the power will come from. If you are choosing a portable GPS device, the mounting option is going to be standard. You will get a low tech suction cup windshield mounting option and it is going to enough to do the work.

  • GPS Roaming - The GPS units usually come with maps of Australian and New Zealand installed. If you want to use it overseas or you want some other map, you will need mapping software for it additionally. So you need to check whether your GPS unit supports roaming or not.

  • GPS Type - You will also have to consider the core types or categories available in GPS Navigators. Each type has been designed to meet a specific purpose and to be used with a specific vehicle. So get the one best for your car.

  • Battery Life - You will have to check the battery life of the GPS unit as per your tracking needs. Whether you need one for a car or for foot navigation, the battery life always matters. 

  • Hands Free Functionality - The GPS unit must have the hands free functionality so that you don’t get to take your eyes off the road. Features like Bluetooth connectivity or wireless connectivity is useful too.

  • Voice Recognition - When you will talk to your GPS, it will listen with the help of voice recognition feature. It can come in quite handy when you are in need.

  • FM Transmitter - This lets you connect to your vehicle’s sound system wirelessly. You will find this feature quite entertaining. You will be able to control volume easily. 

  • Multimedia Playback - This feature will let you store videos and music in your GPS so you will enjoy your time while driving.

  • Storage - Having wholesome storage will be an attractive feature. It will enable you to install additional maps and keep the multimedia content with your GPS unit without facing space trouble. Some GPS units also come with external memory features.

These top 10 features must be present in any GPS system you are about to purchase. Once you have ensured this, the navigation system will become a valuable investment for you. Your money won’t go in waste.