Ben Hogan Player (Ben Hogan) Black Combo Set

Price: $ 840

There was a time when everyone played the same irons through the set, but now it’s common to see Professionals and elite golfers combine two or three different types of clubs. Why? What Golfers want from Long irons (Distance, Height, and Forgiveness) is different from what they ask for short irons (Feel, accuracy and consistency). With the player’s Black Combo Set, Ben Hogan does the mix for you and helps keep all the clubs looking consistent.

The 4-iron through 7-iron in this set are Ben Hogan PTx Pro models, while the 8-iron wedge are ICON irons. All seven clubs are forged for improved feel and have received a limited editionglare-free Diamond black metal finish that is seven times more durable than nickel-chromium ends.

The PTx Pro iron In this set, all are hollow to allow the surfaces to bend more efficiently on impact and achieve higher ball speed. They also have internal tungsten weights to lower the center of the graveand encourage higher flying shots that drop off at a steeper angle.

The ICON irons have a thinLow top line, less misalignment and a shorter blade length than PTx Pro iron. they also have a progressive center of gravity, so the center of gravity increases slightly with increasing lofts. A lot of golfers like this because it’s easier Flight approach shots for better distance control and a better feeling.