LUCAS COUNTY, Ohio – You now have more time to get your dog licensed in Lucas County.

The auditor’s office extends the January 31 deadline to July 1 due to the ongoing pandemic. There is no penalty due to the extended deadline.

According to Lucas County Canine Care and Control, these fees are critical to maintaining operations.

It is the law to license your puppies. It’s also your dog’s journey home if he’s lost.

“It also helps to bring your dog to your home. If our representatives pick up a licensed dog, it’s a drive home. They skip the shelter. And if they land here with a license, we can contact you . ” with yours right away and make sure you get your friend back, “said Cassie Bloomfield of Lucas County’s Canine Care and Control.

It is important to keep your dog’s license information updated whenever you move or change your phone number, and to make sure these tags are in place at all times.

Each county has its own deadline. It is therefore imperative that you contact the auditing office of your district.