Many of us have fond memories of our introduction to electronics with the “200-in-1” kits Radio Shack once sold, or even with the newer “Snap Circuits” -style kits. Eventually, most of us go beyond these kits to design our circuits. Still, there is something to be said for modular designs. This complete amateur radio transceiver is a great example of this type of plug and play construction.

The rig is the idea of [jmhrvy1947]who have set themselves the goal of building a complete transceiver with modules mainly obtained from eBay. Some custom circuit boards are used, but these are simple circuit boards that can be easily etched and drilled. The transceiver is intended for continuous wave (CW) use only, which usually means you need to know Morse. However, thanks to some clever modifications to open source apps like Quisk and FLDigi, Morse can be received and sent directly from the website on desktop. This will no doubt pose some problems, but we think it’s a great way to learn code. The rig is QRP or Low Power and transmits only 100 mW with the small power amplifier shown. By adding eBay modules, up to 100 watts can be achieved. This also requires adding a 12-volt power supply, switchable low-pass filters, a buck-boost converter, and some band-pass filters for band selection. It looks very experimental, but works well enough for socializing.

We really like the approach here and the fact that the rig can be built in stages. That makes it a perfect project for ours $ 50 Ham seriesthat has just started. Maybe we’ll see it again soon.